Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 1984, Volume 20, No. 4

Winter 1984 Gem News International

            Australia: Mining Magazine Reports Loan for Argyle Development
            India: Nearly 50 ct Golconda “D” Diamond Reappears
            Thailand: Noted Gemologist Sinkankas Reports on Alluvial Diamonds
            USA: Diamond Melts in Laboratory Accident at Cornell University
                     Punch-Jones Diamond Sold at Sotheby’s
                     World’s Largest Uncut Diamond (890 ct) On Display at Smithsonian
            USSR: Scientists at USSR Academy of Science Produce Synthetic Diamond
Colored Stones
            Yellow-Green Chrysoberyl Found in Queensland, Australia
            Sri Lanka Cancer Institute Uses X-ray Equipment to Irradiate Yellow Sapphires
            One of Largest, Finest Gem-Quality Opals Ever Discovered Found in Mexico
            Notes on Danburite, Zircon, and Andalusite Translated from Spanish Gemology Bulletin
            Treated Moroccan Anglesites
            Large, Very Fine Emerald Crystal Recently Discovered in North Carolina
Precious Metals
            Significant Gold and Ore Deposits Found in Alaska
            First Precious Metals Refinery in Asia outside Japan Opens in Singapore
            Sri Lankan Gold Jewelry to be Hallmarked
            Gem-Quality Synthetic Jadeite Created at G.E.
            Russian Hydrothermal Synthetic Emeralds
            102-ct Light Yellow Ashberg Diamond Currently on Display in Los Angeles
            Tiffany Iris Corsage and Other Important Jewelry in Traveling Exhibition
            Tucson Gem and Mineral Society’s 31st Annual Show Set for Tucson
            Third Annual Meeting of the Association of Women Gemologists
            ICA to Sponsor a Colored Gemstone Congress in Idar-Oberstein
            22nd Burma Gem, Jade and Pearl Emporium Will Be Held in February 1985
            Australian Jewelry Fair Will Be Held in Sydney February 16-20, 1985
            Dates Announced for 1985 Basel Fair, Switzerland
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