Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1994, Volume 30, No. 2

Summer 1994 Gem News International

            Argyle Upgrades Operation
            DeBeers's Rough Diamond Sales Up
            Diamond Pipes Located Outside Canada's "Corridor of Hope."
            More Evidence that Wisconsin Diamonds Come from Canadian Pipes
            Update on Ghana Production
            Russia Offers Rough for Sale
            Russia Develops Diamond-Cutting Equipment
            Production Plant Upgrade for Zimbabwe
            Near-Colorless Russian Synthetic Diamond Examined
Colored Stones
            Amber Marketed with Photomicrography
            Basel Fair Highlights
            Fluorite from California
            Gem Artistry Knows no Boundaries
            Green Gems from Australia
            Myanmar Liberalizes Gem Trading
            Freshwater Pearls from Bangladesh
            Tiger's-Eye Quartz Production Record in South Africa
            Cat's-Eye Sillimanite from Orissa, India
            "Wagon Wheel" Tanzanite
            Bicolored Topaz
            "Zebra" Stones from Australia
            New Emerald Treatment/Polishing Systems from Israel
Synthetics and Simulants
            New Emerald Imitation
            Kimberley Expands Product Line
            Minute "Machine-Cut" Synthetics
            Faceted Synthetic Opal
            Bright Yellow "Pulled" Synthetic Sapphires
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