Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1984, Volume 20, No. 2

Summer 1984 Gem News International

            Brazil: Large Yellow Diamond Found at Coromandel
            India: First Phase of Nationwide Exploration Program Implemented
            Philippines: First Diamond-Cutting Factory Established near Manila
            Singapore: New Diamond Exchange Operational
Colored Stones
            Three New Emerald Deposits Found in Pakistan
            Gem-Quality Amethyst Rediscovered in Rhode Island, U.S.A.
            Companies Prospecting for Emeralds, Precious Minerals in Zambia
            Tanzanian Government Announces New Mining Policy
            Significant Concentrations of Beryllium Discovered in Northwest Territories
            Chrysoberyl Found in Reworked Locality in New York, U.S.A.
            Gemologically Interesting Silica Gems Discovered in Serbia, Yugoslavia
Precious Metals
            Hemlo, Ontario Area Promises to Be Important Source of Gold
            Gold-Bearing  Zone Found Near Quebec
            OK Gold Mine in Papua, New Guinea, May See Production Begin This Year
            Exploratory Drilling at Reid Mine in Northern California Reveals High Gold Values
            Sekikazu G. Nakakura Wins 1984 George A. Schuetz Design Contest
            Geo-Literary Society Formed at Tucson
            International Exhibition (BIJORHCA) To Be Held Sept. 7-11 in Paris
            GIA GemFest ’84 Will Be Held in Santa Monica August 21 & 22
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