Feature Gems & Gemology, Fall 2002, Volume 38, No. 3

Fall 2002 G&G Book Reviews

“From Mine to Mistress: Corporate Strategies and Government Policies in the International Diamond Industry”
By Chaim Even-Zohar, 555 pp., publ. by Mining Journal Books Ltd., Edenbridge, England. US$495.00
“Light & Stone: Highlights from the Scott Gem Collection”
Photography by Harold and Erica Van Pelt, commentary by Peter C. Keller and Michael M. Scott, publ. by the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, Santa Ana, California, 2002. US$25.00
“Gemstones Quality and Value, Volume 2”
By Yasukazu Suwa, 144 pp., illus., publ. by Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc., Tokyo, (2nd ed., English translation) 2002. US$95.00
“Murzinka: Alabashka Pegmatite Field”
By Valentina I. Popova, Vladimir A. Popov, and Alexander A. Kanonerov, illus., 136 pp., Vol. 5 of the Mineralogical Almanac series, publ. by Ocean Pictures Ltd., Russia, 2002. US$39.95
“Gemstones and Other Unique Minerals and Rocks of Wyoming: A Field Guide for Collectors”
By W. Dan Hausel and Wayne M. Sutherland, illus., 268 pp., Bulletin 71, Wyoming State Geological Survey, Laramie, 2000. US$20.00
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