Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1991, Volume 27, No. 2

Summer 1991 Gem News International

            DeBeers Unveils Centenary Diamond
            Large "Chameleon" Diamond
            Soviet Production Estimates Updated
            Australian Marine Search for Stones
            World-Record Auction Price for a Diamond
            Update on Diamond Mining in Brazil
            Jewelry-Quality Diamond Crystals
            Bluish Gray Synthetic Diamond thin Films Grown on Faceted Diamonds
Colored Stones
            African Gem Update
            Amethyst from Afghanistan
            Unusual Corundum/Mica Carving Material
            Joint Venture for Russian Emeralds
            Large Carved Labradorite
            Fine Greenish Blue Opal
            Another Phenomenal Organic Gem Material
            Cultured Pearls Auction
            Green Zoisite
            Faceted Aqua Aura Update
            Plastic-Treated Jadeite
            Dyed Quartzite Imitation of Dyed Jadeite
Synthetics and Simulants
            Chatham Signs Agreement with Japanese Crystal Grower
            Chatham Issues Warning on Trademark Infringements
            Novel Fiber-Optic Glass
            New Glass Imitation of Lapis Lazuli
            "Encapsulated" Mexican Opal
            Plastic Imitation Opal from Thailand
            Update on Soviet Synthetics
            Loupe with True Darkfield Illumination
            New Cutting Machines Developed
            Canadian Gemmological Assn. to hold Conference in October
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