Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1989, Volume 25, No. 2

Summer 1989 Gem News International

            Companies Vie for Angola Diamond Rights
            Australian Diamonds
            Diamonds from China
            Deep Space Diamonds
Colored Stones
            Visual Representation of Amethyst to Citrine Alteration
            Aquamarine Found in Wyoming
            Colored Stone Update from China
            Tunnels Used to Mine Emeralds at Muzo
            Hackmanite: A Remarkable Variety of Sodalite
            Australia's Opal Industry Crippled
            A Significant Find of Mexican Quartz
            Rose Quartz from Connecticut
            Blue Sapphires from Kenya
            Sapphire in Ontario
            An Interesting Zoned Australian Sapphire
            "Padparadscha" Sapphire
            Large Tourmaline Pocket Discovered at the Himalaya mine
            Two Remarkable Natural Freshwater Pink Pearls from Texas
Synthetics and Simulants
            "Bull's-Eye" Optic Figure in Synthetic Berlinite
            An Unusual Ceramic Cameo
            A Clever Imitation Emerald Crystal
            Chatham Expands
            Union Carbide Growing Large Synthetic Sapphires
            New Museum Opens in Brazil
            Gemmological Association of Israel is Formed
            Zambian Trade Association
            Jewelry Manufacturing Symposium
            KOSIMA ’89 in Greece
            FIT Symposium Announced
            Mineralogical Society of Southern California
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