Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Summer 1982, Volume 18, No. 2

Summer 1982 Gem News International

            Australia: DeBeers CSO to Market Ashton Join Venture Stones
            Botswana: Depressed Market Creates Severe Economic Problem
            Ghana: Only Producing Mine Continues through U.S. Loan
            India: Government Plans to Increase Domestic Supplies
            Israel: Customs Duty Removed
            Lesotho: Mine Closure Due to Recession
            Namibia: Production Reduced
            South Africa: Coping with Depressed Market
            U.S.: West Coast Club Opens
            Zaire: Substantial Drop in Production                                                                
            Australia: Aga Khan Mine Output Stockpiled
            Brazil: Superior Color Discovered
            Japan: Concern About Chinese Freshwater Pearls
Topaz and Peridot Jewelry Suite Currently on Display at GIA
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