Lab Notes Gems & Gemology, Spring 1995, Volume 31, No. 1

Spring 1995 G&G Lab Notes

Alexandrite with Pleochroic Twinned Growth Zones
Untreated or Fracture-Filled Diamond
Treated Old-Mine Cut Diamond
Triangular Inclusions in Diamond
Treated-Color Red Synthetic Diamond
Emerald with Unusual Flash-Effect Colors
Bleached and Impregnated Jadeite with Distinctive Surface Texture
Treated and Untreated Jadeite Beads in One Necklace
Dyed Green Nephrite
Blister Pearl Attached to Shell
Sapphire with Diffusion-Induced Color and Star
Synthetic Star Sapphire with an Unusual Color
Natural Spinel with a Dendritic Inclusion
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