Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1986, Volume 22, No. 3

Fall 1986 Gem News International

Colored Stones
            Green-Fluorescing Emerald from Coscuez
            New Source of Gem Garnets from Idaho
            Blue Pectolite: Trade Name “Larimar”
            Fake Phosphorescent Quartz
            Color Change in Blue Zircon
            Gem-Quality Diamond Crystals
            FIT Show in New York
            Iberjoya in Madrid
            Vicenzaoro 1 in Vicenza
            Jewelers International Showcase in Miami Beach
            BIJORHCA in Paris
            Tucson 1987
            INHORGENTA 87 in Munich
            International Fair in Sydney
            Platinum Jewellery Fair in Osaka
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