GIA GemKids 课程

The GIA GemKids Program is a dazzling introduction to gemology designed to excite children’s curiosity about the world of gems and minerals.

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安排您的课程参加加州卡尔斯巴德 GIA 的 GemKids 课程。



GemKids 课程在 GIA 的卡尔斯巴德校区授课,通过动手课堂活动向学生介绍宝石和矿物。

该计划通过涉及天然宝石和矿物的实验,补充现有的学区科学项目。4至12年级符合资格。最低要求类大小为 15,最大类大小为 40。计划是免费的。

Class schedule

Students working with GemKids materials.

Classes are hosted in Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Thursday.

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GemKids website

GIA’s GemKids website offers students, parents and teachers easy access to interactive online gemology and geology education.


GIA GemKids Website

The GIA GemKids site, although geared towards children aged 9-12, is not just for kids. Parents and educators will find it equally engaging and have a great time sharing it with children. This interactive online gemology, geology, and jewelry education site is an exciting way for both adults and children to explore the world of gems and jewelry together.


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