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11111Colored Diamond Grading Report

Colored Diamond Grading Report

Full quality assessment, color grade and clarity plot. Identifies natural vs. treated color. For loose colored diamonds 0.15 carats or more.

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11111Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report

Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report

Describes the colored diamond’s color grade and identifies natural vs. treated color. For loose or mounted colored diamonds of any size.

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Comparison Chart

Colored Diamond Grading Report
0.15+ carats, unmounted diamonds only View Sample Report
Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report
Any carat weight, loose or mounted View Sample Report
Approximate Cost $ 147 * $ 98 *
GIA 4Cs Assessment
Color Grade & Origin
Clarity Grade
Carat Weight
Plotted Clarity Diagram
Polish & Symmetry
Tested for Natural Vs.
Synthetic and Treatments
Laser Inscription Optional Optional
Full Color Image Optional Optional
*NOTE: prices shown for 0.85 carat diamond
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Colored Diamond Services

Laser Inscription

Microscopically inscribes diamond’s girdle with its unique GIA report number for easy identification, or with a personal message, or symbols.

Diamond Type Analysis

Determination of diamond type – Ia, Ib, IIa or IIb. Results delivered verbally, or by letter upon request.


Diamond and key grading information sealed in compact, tamper-resistant package for easy transport and display. Limit on diamond dimension may apply.

Quality Assurance Service

Variety of testing-only services to determine diamond authenticity, natural vs. synthetic, natural vs. treated, or specific treatment identification.


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